P2P connection and block transfer

SyncBack4all File Sync Backup provides P2P connection ability between two computers. It will allow two computers to get in touch directly with each other to synchronize or backup files directly. Different connection protocol and files access privilege are implemented for computers located on the same LAN and computers, it’s very hard to dealing with complicated programs, network settings, and passwords, etc. Now that two computers running SyncBack4all can talk to each other, use the block-level transfer/synchronization. This technology extremely reduces network traffic while synchronizing large files that do not significantly change between synchronizations. Examples for such files are: databases, logs and email archives. Block-Level Synchronization is very necessary for our large enterprise customers, but may be very useful for consumers too.

Block-level transfer is an optimized technique of file transfer that targets providing high powerful transferring. With block-level transfers, just only the differ parts of a file are transferred. When use the block –level transfer the SyncBack4all discovers a file which has been updated or changed, then it figures the exact binary data within the file and transmits just only the changed part. In this way each file transfer only passes the data needed to update the destination file. A standard file transfer would send the complete file, even though just only small portions of the file have changed.

Block-level transfer is perfect for users who require to synchronize files over network. It’s not necessary in the event you only synchronize files to a locally, as well as to the USB flash disk drive.