SyncBack4all Real Time Backup

A lot of file backup program only run on a schedule or when you needed. Imagine you might have spent a long time editing an important document file but not automatically save it, and suddenly there's electrical power failure.

That will not be a issue if you are utilizing SyncBack4all enable the real-time backup function. SyncBack4all software back up your files as they are being modified, it runs seamlessly in the background.

If SyncBack4all software is set to version tracking (incremental backup with compress) mode, each data change will be caught by a SyncBack4all backup program and its copy will be saved in different timeline backup folders. So a system administrator or a common user is able to restore the backed up information to any point of time.

SyncBack4all Real time Continuous backup software is widely popular in software development companies, as well as some enterprises with heavy electronic document processing system.