Run file sync automatically on Schedule

SyncBack4all can be made to run automatically by using this Schedule setting tab.

One or more events may be checked to cause automatic Sync:

On Windows start
Sync this task when Windows starts, SyncBack4all must be configured to start with Windows.

On Windows Shutdown
Analyze and then Sync this task just before Windows shutdown.

On Disk Insert
Sync this task when a removable device is connected to your PC.

Periodically (On Timer)
Sync this task periodically, every hours, minutes, days, or weeks. You may specify a start date, that the schedule becomes active after. Start time can be scheduled to specify when in the day to start the task.

Do Not Run
If you have schedules a task to run periodically you can specify specific days that the task should not be run on.
By default scheduled tasks can run on any day.

Auto Options work Only if SyncBack4all is Running
SyncBack4all must be already running for schedules events to work. So you should turn on these global program options: - Start SyncBack4all when Windows starts.

Job Scheduling
Each event that has just occurred flags the job as ready-to-run. Ready-to-run jobs are run from left to right, sequentially, until all ready-to-run jobs have been run. If job is already in the ready-to-run state and another even occurs that wants to run the job then this second event is ignored.