SyncBack4all file sync free

SyncBack4all is an intuitive file synchronization software for Windows system, it can compare, copy and Deletion folders and files between different storage devices, like PC hard disk, USB flash memory stick, Networks drives , remote FTP/SFTP server, as well as window phone, etc.

Syncback4all is designed to help computer users to handle the issue that very hardly manually copy and management their data files between many storage devices in syncing. Nowadays, too many digital equipment we may have, like desktop PC, Laptop, USB storage devices, music player, mobile phone, etc. How to syncing the files between them?

Using the SyncBack4all you can easy handle the above issue. SyncBack4all has easy and friendly user interface, sophisticated file processing engine, advanced filtering, and comprehensive options, you can start to synchronize and backup your files to more computers and storage devices.

Using the task wizard, you can sync or backup your PC's Desktop, Document, Pictures, Music, Favorites, Windows Live Mail, and also select file and folder manually.

SyncBack4all File Sync Free is amid for casual user, it’s a full function enable version but only allow setup total 3 Tasks, and up to the limitation of 100 files per task.  SyncBack4all also provides many different version for personal and business user, click here you can find out more information about the free and paid version comparison, click here to upgrade to paid version and start to enjoy the convenience of copying, distributing, and backing up your files like never before.