SyncBack4all File Sync Backup Portable

You don't need to install SyncBack4all Portable, just runs directly on any portable devices for example a USB memory flash stick or portable USB hard disk drive. SyncBack4all Portable runs on the portable device itself, this is not on the host computer. So that you can run SyncBack4all Portable even if you do not have administrator rights or installing software program is restricted on the host computer.

While using SyncBack4all portable software don't install in Laptop or computer. It simply open application and begin your sync or backup job work. The portable software is not needed to pay for any setup. Just don't delete or move any file inside. For open portable software don't use RAM. Because all necessary file has include in one single file.

You may use one SyncBack4all Portable to simply keep a couple of non-connected computers in syncing by using a USB flash or another portable drive. You just only need one license for SyncBack4all Portable, so that you can purchase one SyncBack4all Portable license and keep several computers in sync.